Petition for a text update on the DNJ

I have been a regular complainer about the Text engine. Blogging is fun but the error messages text keeps throwing at you are really spoiling that. According to Stefano, in a comment to my complaint, an update world fix a lot.

So, please, please, update.

Spread the word!


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  • Stefano Demiliani

    Really a good news Doug… I hope to have an official update announce soon! :) Please, if you can, add some new skins to .Text. Thanks!

  • Peter van 0oijen

    Great ! Thanks !

  • Doug Seven

    I am working on an upgrade solution for the Junkies sites. I hope to have them upgraded by next week. Unfortunately because of the integration with the rest of our site is is a little more complicated than just copying some files.

    Keep an eye out for the update soon.

  • Stefano Demiliani

    Ops, I forgot… petition subscribed!! :)

  • Stefano Demiliani

    DNJ is using the 0.94 version… an update to 0.95 is required to solve the post bug that too often appear.

  • Peter van 0oijen

    According to Stefano’s comment DNJ does run on .94. I don’t know how to check that. Have I been parroting ?

  • Scott Galloway

    Umm…to what? There isn’t a version greater that 0.95 (0.958.2004.2001 to be exact) – 0.96 was never released and we’re all waiting for Community Server :Blogs…