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Comment spam, Outlook 2003 and .text

When your blog gets spammed you receive an email notification. And can take action. Outlook has a spam filter; it will dump (some of) these spam comments in the Junk mail folder. And you’ll miss it. There is only one … Continue reading 

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Dotned went North

Yesterday, november 25th, Dutch user group dotned had a meeting hosted by DTS in Meppel. Which is in the Northern part of the country. Nice for me but for the most of my fellow Dutch .net-ers it was an occasion … Continue reading 

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(Changing) the length of a database text field and apps

The title suggest this should be a trivial matter. To get my user’s satisfied I found some points to watch: The amount of text the user can enter in a textbox on a webform is unlimited. The amount of space … Continue reading 

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Article on tablet PC development

The site of the SDN, the Dutch user group for .NET, Delphi, Fox and VO and Clipper developers with a very rich history, has put my tablet PC article on line. The story is a fast rush though the tablet and … Continue reading 

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A tool to check IIS permissions

This is a nice diagnostics tool to check (amongst others) permissions in IIS. As experienced by many others one of the major reasons for “The Web server reported the following error when attempting to create or open the Web project located … Continue reading 

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Debugging Tablet PC applications

A tablet PC is fun, writing apps for a tablet is even more fun. But it took me some time to find out the easiest way to do that. You can write tablet apps on every PC which has the … Continue reading 

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Working hours

Game maker EA is getting quite a lot of attention these days. Their new Sims2 is received quite well by my social neighbourhood, finally we have a piece of software to talk about. The way EA operates its own sims is received … Continue reading 

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Is a Tablet PC cool (to program) ? Oh yes !

In yesterday’s post I listed some practical experiences, looking back on using a tablet PC. Today I want to spend some time looking ahead, there is more to be done. The tablet has really won my heart. The “experience” of … Continue reading 

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Using a tablet PC

For a couple of months I’ve been using a tablet PC as a part of my everyday activities, time tor a little update. Some observations. The machine is quite powerful as a PC. It runs Outlook, Feeddemon and a Virtual. … Continue reading 

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Apress teaches .NET

Apress publishers are rolling out a good series of books on .NET development. These books build on each other to teach .net from the first steps to a variety of advanced topics. In his Apress blog Ewan Buckingham gives a … Continue reading 

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