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Browser peace and where (VS) 2005 can help.

In a comment on  a recent post on using IE and FireFox to debug ASP.NET apps, Boucher states that it is maybe too far for a peacefull world. The point of my post was that an ASP.NET 1.x app behaves … Continue reading 

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Tablet PC junior

Far fetched ? Both devices have a pen with a static magnet in the tip. Not interoperable. Could you imagine your kid enjoying a keyboard like this ? Merry Christmas Peter

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Tablet API : GetDefaultRecognizer() behavior

The tablet PC is great in recognizing handwriting. But to be able to recognize it needs a language specific recognizer. These are avaliable for several languages. In the API is the GetDefaultRecognizer method which returns the default recognizer for the system. The … Continue reading 

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Password fields

A small security related item. I’m a lazy typer and love to copy things. Outlook Express makes quite clear that that is not allowed on a password field A password on an ASP.NET page (a textbox whose TextMode property has … Continue reading 

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Debugging a webservice with Firefox

Recently I did some research on using Firefox as browser to debug webapps. Andre points out in a comment this does not seem to work with webservices. There is one thing you have to watch to debug these. When … Continue reading 

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SDN mobility conference

Last friday, december 17th, Dutch user group SDN organized a meeting entirely dedicated to mobility. It was lovely; imagine a day spent entirely on Pocket PC, Tablet PC and the like. The presentations went far beyond the usual “hello world” demo’s. … Continue reading 

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Viewstate (hog) and the datagrid

Sometime ago I had been wrestling through the viewstate and blogged on it. On a page with a datagrid the viewstate can be enormous. As the viewstate travels over the wire on every roundtrip this can be quite a problem … Continue reading 

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Recognizing handwritten text on a tablet PC

Way back on primary school (1963) my teacher tried to learn me to write. First with a pencil, later with a pen. It never was a big success, over the years I always had insufficient marks and nobody (including myself) … Continue reading 

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Tablet PC : What can and what cannot be overlaid with an InkOverlay object

Part of the tablet PC API is the Inkoverlay class. The constructor takes a control or even a windows handle. The user can scrible on the associated window. You can pass almost any handle to the constructor, like the handle … Continue reading 

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VS live and tablet development

Just registered for the coming VS live conference in San Fransisco. My main reason to go is the emphasis on tablet development. The conference is actually a combination of several conferences, including Microsoft Windows Anywhere. There is a tablet track, … Continue reading 

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