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Hypnotizing dot mixer (everybody a DJ)

Next week is VS live in San Fransisco. I surfed the net browsing for other attractions over there. On the site of the museum of science, art and human perception I found the dotmixer. Recomended to anybody who does like … Continue reading 

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Tablet PC pen capabilities and the tablet API

In a recent post I played around with different pens for my tablet PC. The samples of the “Building Tablet PC applications” book clearly pointed out what the problem with one of them was. The pen of a tablet reports … Continue reading 

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Adding an external tablet to a tablet PC and peaking around with the tablet API

In a recent post I introduced my Wacom USB drawing tablet. When you attach that to a tablet PC (I use an Acer Travelmate C110) the functionality is far better than attached to a “normal” PC. The click-and-hold action, illustrated … Continue reading 

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What’s wrong with the pen buttons of a drawing tablet and what the Tablet PC does about it

Despite my diversity in mice I still have a sore shoulder and hand. Anything which helps is welcome so I added a small Wacom drawing tablet. Pen input on a tablet PC works very well, pen input to my desktop … Continue reading 

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Setup a new PC ? Start with MS -anti spyware

Had to set up a new PC. The first piece of software I installed was the MS anti-syware. And I really enjoyed it. It is very informative in popping up messages on what is going on. Gives you a far better … Continue reading 

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Building tablet applications, the book

The only real developers book for Tablet PC’s I know is “Building Tablet PC applications” by Rob Jarrett and Philip Su (MS press). A couple of reviews nominate that book as the printed form of the Tablet SDK help files. … Continue reading 

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The Consumer Electronics Show, Bill Gates and adultry

Microsoft has published a video of Bill Gates’ keynote on the CES. It is worth seeing. The CES is about all those new fascinating gadgets which are flooding the market. The video is fascinating because it “experiences” (the CES  buzzword) … Continue reading 

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From the trenches

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Adding images to a blog post

An image says more than a thousand words. I like to add images to a my posts. In a comment on a decorated post, Ben asked how to do that. This my recipe: Upload the image, I use the galleries of my blog. In the … Continue reading 

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Exploring a database with SQL enterprise manager’s Diagram wizard

A picture says more than a thousand words. I received an existing┬ádatabase to be used in an application. The database is pretty complex: it has over 40 tables and there is not that much documentation. The diagram wizard in the … Continue reading 

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