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Exploring stylus input with the Tablet PC API

When you write with a pen on a tablet PC a lot of things are happening between the moment you move the stylus and the drawing of visible ink on the screen. The tablet PC’s API gives you great control … Continue reading 

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Blogfeed Arcs of Fire

Yesterdays remarks on the online info on the Tablet game SDK did ring some bells. Their blogfeed has three new post. Good, do subscribe. But I still have two remarks. The arcs of fire signature directs you to about:blank. The website is … Continue reading 

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My .NET articles on line

My online articles are scattered over a diversity of sites. Some of these lilke to move their stuff around, links to the articles are broken before you know it. I maintain an index to my online .net material and will … Continue reading 

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Tablet game SDK, not just for fun

A tablet PC is also quit a nice platform for games. Imagine using a pen to pull a specific handle in your flightsim cockpit or imagine using a pen to draw a circle around the neighbourhood you want your Sim family … Continue reading 

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Nice security feature of ASP.NET textbox

The AspNET textbox has a TextMode property which can be single-line, multi-line or password. The contents of a textbox can be in the markup as well, it is between the textbox tags. Take this :          <asp:TextBox id=”TextBoxUserName” runat=”server” Width=”140px”>ThisIsMyUserName</asp:TextBox><BR>         <asp:TextBox id=”TextBoxPassWord” … Continue reading 

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The cutest Windows Anywhere goodies

The cutest goodie I took home from Windows Anywhere is the Channel 9 guy I caught. Worth mentioning as well is the conference pen. It’s a 4 stylus thing, the ultimate goodie when I was a kid (born ’57). The special … Continue reading 

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Small Wacom tablets: the good, the bad and the integrated

Recently I had been playing with a small external Wacom Volito tablet. I wasn’t too pleased with it, mainly because its build was too sloppy. As it’s rubber feet were slipping away all the time it wasn’t possible to use … Continue reading 

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Real geeks (don’t) code WideScreen ;)

As this seems to be pretty popular, another shot at what I like about a widescreen   its 1200px high

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Hosting .net winforms in IE (the tabletinspector goes online)

Thanks to Julia Lerman’s talk at Windows Anywhere I’ve got my tabletinspector online. The original application was a .net winforms thing. It’s a form containing one big windows-usercontrol. The user control itself is in a dll. Internet Explorer can host .net usercontrols … Continue reading 

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On line doodling with a tablet PC

In her talk at Windows Anywhere Julia Lerman showed a tablet doodling app running inside IE. It’s online here. Doodle away !

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