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A blog (post) is never finished, just published

Clicking the post button throws your blogpost into the outer world. Is it finished ? No, quite often it’s content need a little update. I find myself updating posts all the time. Because I give a person a wrong name. … Continue reading 

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Custom bussiness objects for ASP.NET 2.0 object datasources

In ASP.NET 2.0 the gridview control is quite nice. By just setting some properties you can create a web application whose grid data can be edited by the end-user without the need to write all the plumbing code by hand. … Continue reading 

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Using the viewstate in a control whose viewstate is disabled (you need a page base class)

The Datagrid is a lovely control when you need a web page whose layout has to adapt to a a huge variety of browsers. Just set the width of the grid to 100% and the grid’s layout will scale quite … Continue reading 

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Dogfood and taxes

The 1st of april is near. In the Netherlands this is the last date to submit your tax-form. As I’m my own boss this does take quite a lot of bookkeeping. In contrary to most other self-employed people I know … Continue reading 

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web.config and dbconnectionstrings

In an app the web.config has an ideal place to store app settings like email-response adresses or database connection-strings. In the appsettings section you can stash any string you want. <appSettings>   <add key=”dbConnectionString” value=”workstation id=FARLOWELLA;user id=ThatsMe;data source=phelsuma;persist security info=False;initial … Continue reading 

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CeBit : technology, entertainment and social networking

Going to the Cebit ICT trade fair was a day well spent. Visited the show on a trip organized by Groniningen ICT  with ICT people from my part of the country. Hannover is a 4 hour bus ride which flies away … Continue reading 

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To finish a week of total chaos I’ll be visiting the CeBit trade show. One of the largest ICT shows in the world, being held in Hannover, just around the corner from where I live. The ICT platform Groningen has … Continue reading 

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Bad service redefined : here comes VIANETWORKS

I thought it would be nice to have a small on-line site to demonstrate and try things. Saw an adverstisement in (Dutch) Microsoft .NET magazine of a  vianetworks offering and took the jump. Quite cheap so I didn’t expect … Continue reading 

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Quiet please

A computer can be noisy, most of the average desktops are not that far from a vacuum cleaner sitting on your desk. The main reason for the noise are the fans to get away all the heat generated. As Trubadour demonstrated … Continue reading 

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Great (Lego) game (but not in Firefox)

If you(r kids) like Lego and puzzles Junkbot, an on-line game, (and version 1) is a killer. My kids are absolutely addicted. The game is implemented as a Flash plugin and normally works without a glitch. Today Cas tried it … Continue reading 

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