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Maxtor, network storage for the masses

For quite some time I am a very content user of an external Maxtor USB drive. This week it was joined a Maxtor “shared storage drive“. With a price of an euro a gigabyte I couldn’t leave it on the … Continue reading 

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Use a regular expression to lock up the webserver

I am a rookie when it comes to regular expressions but learned one thing which I want to share with you. With a regular expression you can do very sophisticated matching of string patterns. The content of a regullar expression … Continue reading 

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Meet the experts

The coming meeting of the Dutch user group DotNed is monday may 2nd. It will be a special one. Held in the new Microsoft Technology Center in Barneveld (You’re not supposed to know that untill you have registered). Speakers will … Continue reading 

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How I got my VS 2005 beta 2 running

Just as curious as everybody else I went for for the VS 2005 beta. Had to take some bumps to get it up and running, these are some things I learned: You’re not the only one trying to download it. … Continue reading 

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Where to get your grid’s data on the next roundtrip

 In a recent post I wrote some things on a datagrid and what to do over roundtrips. In a comment  John asked me what I did with the data over the roundtrips. He mentions 4 ways to store it. I … Continue reading 

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Events in a datagrid, the page lifecycle and the viewstate

When it comes to building web applications ASP.NET 2.0 will make life a lot easier. The key to success in building good web apps with ASP 1.x lies in understanding the page lifecycle. Which still has a lot of secrets … Continue reading 

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How to execute a SQL storedproc from an SqlCommand

A database has a storedproc with some parameters. I don’t know exactly what it does, I don’t want to know, I don’t have to know, it’s not under my management. But my app does have a connection to it and has … Continue reading 

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VS Team System and the way to design applications

Last thursday we had our Northern “MSDN-Technet” briefings. A day of sessions for developers and IT-pros, organized by MS and a good place to meet fellow developers. Some things had changed. The event used to be decorated with political hyper-correct … Continue reading 

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sqlInjection attack on a LIKE query

If SQL had known attributes I should have decorated my Like query with [AirCode]. Several comments questioned wheter and how it was vulnerable to a sql-injection attack. Well, the aircode version is. The original is harder to break. The vulnerable … Continue reading 

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Trying to be smart I ran into this. In an app the user is looking for some person, the query has some parameters to help her. SELECT Naam, Afkorting FROM  dbo.Persoon WHERE (Naam LIKE @Param1) AND (Functie LIKE @Param2) To the … Continue reading 

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