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ASP.NET Control ID and postback

Controls on your webforms all have an ID, like TextBox1, LinkButtonAdd, etc. This ID is not the internal Id used by ASP.NET. In case you have a datagrid with multiple rows, each having a Select link button you would have … Continue reading 

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Dotned generated code

Last thursday evening, may 26th, we had a great meeting of the Dutch dotned user group. Sander already wrote a detailed story on this, Frans did one as well. Here come my 2 bits. <IMG src="/photos/peter.van.ooijen/images/63822/original.aspx" P Hosted by Atos … Continue reading 

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A sql select query looks something like this : SELECT MyCol FROM MyTable WHERE MyCol = ‘A’ ORDER BY Mycol It has a couple of parts SELECT FROM  specifies the output columns WHERE specifies the rows ORDER BY specifies the … Continue reading 

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Heard and not heard: flatpanels, earphones, Ygdrassil and the garden of Jane Delawney

It’s almost weekend, I want to finish this week with some soundbites. Recently I complained about my wide screen monitor, which is a marvel to the eye, making irritating noises. At the moment I beleived a design flaw was the … Continue reading 

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Using data components on an ASP.NET page

In my apps I organize all interaction with my databases in components. On my component is a connection to the database and a couple of data-adapters to read and write data. These components are housed in a separate assembly. From there … Continue reading 

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Meet the robots

Today was the final of the RoboChallenge where robots compete on the ability to find and catch differnent colored balls. Amongst others the event is sponsored by Microsoft: .NET was used amongst the platforms used for the robot software. Amongst … Continue reading 

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Come and see the (.net) robots in Groningen

Thursday may 12th the finals of the robochallenge will be in held in MartiniPlaza Groningen (the Netherlands). Last year it was great, saw the weirdest thing running .net yet. This year the number of competitors will be even higher. No … Continue reading 

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So what about that Tablet PC ?

I’m a big fan of the tablet PC and have a category tablet PC on my blog. But havn’t blogged that much on the Tablet recently. I’ve been writing a lot of ASP.NET production code and didn’t have the time … Continue reading 

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C++ for .NET at dotned

Yesterday we had the VS 2005 C++ team at the dotned user group meeting. It was a good meeting and a good talk. Ronald Laeremans is somebody who can, and will, talk for hours. The C++ vision on .net is … Continue reading 

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Installing SQL reporting services on a machine without SQL server

SQl reporting services is bound to a SQL-server installation. You can set up reporting services on another machine, fi for development , but the setup has some flaws. It took me some blogreading and guesswork to get it done. The setup … Continue reading 

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