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Tablet PC input: recognizing gestures and creating strokes from code

In my previous post on Tablet PC pen input I explored handwriting recognition. I explored how the language specific recognizers of the tablet API translated your scribbling into text, listed the possible alternatives and the confidence it had in the … Continue reading 

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Windows XP (europea) N edition

The European Microsoft anti-trust case stirred quite a pen back in march 2004. The case had two parts. One of them was that Microsoft should split Media Player from Windows. My rant on the subject was a little oil canister … Continue reading 

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Why go to a conference (the PDC in particular) and blog about it

It’s conference and meeting season. Teched US is just behind, next week is TechEd Europe and as a side show Dutch usergroup dotned meets the 4th of july for a presentation by Juval Löwy. In september the summit will be … Continue reading 

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Stop the trackback myth

The heading of a blog home page usually contains some statistics like the number of posts in the blog and the number of comments. Almost always it will mention the number of trackbacks. The codebetter blog homepage has a list of … Continue reading 

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Recognizing handwriting on a Tablet PC: beyond Strokes.ToString()

Having spent 3 solid days on doing a crash-course VS 2005 training it’s time for a little diversion. Finally I made the time for another post on programming the Tablet PC. The tablet PC is very good in recognizing handwriting, … Continue reading 

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Blog’n my way to the PDC

Channel9 has started a contest where you can win a ticket to the PDC, including an airline ticket and hotel. You take part by blogging. Including a post why you should win the prize. Do take part ! And here’s my … Continue reading 

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Idispose the Finalizer

This posts is not about managing .net objects ! Darrell and John spread the word on the Finalizer, a robot running on .NET. It’s a battlebot backup up by its own website. Great. But it is by long not something … Continue reading 

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Turn a .NET winforms application into a (COM) automation server

As a start to the next 2 years of blogging I want to look back on an “ancient” technology : COM, which is still the glue between software parts created with a great diversity of tools. COM brought me to … Continue reading 

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Grown up in public: 2 years of blogging

 Today is a celebration. Exactly two years ago my first blog-post showed up on the dotnetjunkies. At the time blogging was quite new to me, being an author for the junkies I was invited to start a blog. And the … Continue reading 

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