Grown up in public: 2 years of blogging

 Today is a celebration. Exactly two years ago my first blog-post showed up on the dotnetjunkies. At the time blogging was quite new to me, being an author for the junkies I was invited to start a blog. And the remainder is history, blogging has taken the place of writing articles. To some it even replaces visiting conferences. To me the best part of blogging is that it’s highly interactive. It’s not just a flow of information from writer to reader, the many valuable comments teach me a lot. The other very good thing is that the size of information chunks can be so much smaller. A small tidbit is enough for a post. Later on you can assemble several post, and their comments, into an article.
So blogging feels like Growing up in public. Which was the titel of my former dnj blog. I had borrowed this name from a Dutch theater group, recently found out it’s also the title of a Lou Reed song (watch out for the popup). Now I have grown up (somewhat) and very happy to be here on CodeBetter.

Some statistics:

Off to the next 2 years.

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  • rlewallen

    Happy Anniversary Peter :)