Idispose the Finalizer

This posts is not about managing .net objects !

Darrell and John spread the word on the Finalizer, a robot running on .NET. It’s a battlebot backup up by its own website. Great. But it is by long not something new. Over here in (er gaat niets boven) Groningen we have the RoboChallenge where robots compete. Not by smashing each other up but by catching colored balls. In an intelligent way like “get 5 green ones first and the black and yellow ones after that”. The machines are runnning on a variety of software, from Linux to Java and .NET. Take this .net beauty, spotted on the first edition:

This year was the second edition. My favorite ran on Java, the other big framework. In a presentation (54 MB rar download :< ! in Dutch..)  its creator demonstrated how he had created an enormous class library where the objects communicated using remote method invocation. No kidding. The strong point in using the framework approach that it was quite easy to finetune the systems parameters with little dialogs all over the place without losing the overview. It was a pitty the machine locked up in the first minute of the final round, else it would have been a clear winner. The actual winner was quite good as well, but they did not have such a fascinating software model.

Next years edition will be open to machines from all over the world. I feel like joining based on the Finalizer software. I don’t think my kids Lego will do for the mechanical part of the story :) But I do know a name for the project : IDispose. Anybody want to join ?

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