Blog’n my way to the PDC

Channel9 has started a contest where you can win a ticket to the PDC, including an airline ticket and hotel. You take part by blogging. Including a post why you should win the prize. Do take part ! And here’s my contribution :

blogging my way to pdc

Why do I want to go to the PDC ?

Why do I want to get my ticket this way ?

  • I spent this year’s conference budget on Windows Anywhere / VS live. Which was not too bad but by far not as vibrant as the PDC. I’m a one person shop so I have to pay all by myself and I really have no budget left.

  • I like to blog.

As a teaser what you can expect from me here’s a picture of the PDC 2003 which sums up why it was such a great event:

Yes, it’s a tablet PC !

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  • ougrad1764

    …5 seconds after this picture was taken, Bozo here realizes just how stupid it was attempting to multitask while balancing a GLASS containing (what looks like) beer, plus crackers and cheese on top of what now is a $3000 Motion Computing brand Serving Tray.

  • rlewallen

    Not only is it a tablet PC, is a beer coaster too!