Windows XP (europea) N edition

The European Microsoft anti-trust case stirred quite a pen back in march 2004. The case had two parts. One of them was that Microsoft should split Media Player from Windows. My rant on the subject was a little oil canister (a honey pot attracts hackers, an oil canister attracts flames). As a result of the settling Windows XP N(o Media player) recently hit the market. And to set up another canister, I believe it just shows I was right:

  • Nobody is interested in XP N. Dell and Sony don’t even offer it on their systems.

  • It’s not a penny cheaper then XP.

  • You can install WinAmp, Real or whatever just as easy on the “normal” XP.

In the recent vote for the European constitution the Netherlands voted against Europe. To my regret. But these kind of actions don’t help any consumer a bit and do make people very skeptical about European institutions. This has been such an enormous amount of energy and money wasted.

<spark>Or is Microsoft marketing the only one who won</spark>

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  • pvanooijen

    Damn right.
    And if there is a good product it will find it’s way. Take firefox. Everybody was whining how much IE was entangled with the OS and how bad MS had done with IE. Out of the blue comes firefox and grabs a market share other media player makers can only dream of.
    And just like you can run Firefox beside IE you can run several media players alongside.

  • ewise

    I personally always hated MS bashers and wanting to decouple everything from the standard install.

    It’s fine and dandy for advanced users, but people like my parents and grandparents have no freaking idea where and how to get a media player etc so I’ll end up having to go over there and pick them out for them.

    Generally though if they do it themselves, they always pick the microsoft one first because they know and trust microsoft. Which frankly, from a competition perspective, is “Not their problem ™”. The other vendors either need to make a name for themselves with joe average, or get the hell out of the market. Stop whining. =)