Monthly Archives: July 2005 applications : a rich user experince for mort-al users

I was struck by a post Make it as rich as possible by simplegeek Chris’An where he complains about the limitations of “normal” web apps and raves about the possibilities AJAX will bring to browser apps. When talking about morts … Continue reading 

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Web reporting tools: get rid of Crystal and get yourself a life

Having used both Crystal Reports (CR) and SQL Reporting Services (RS) for a web-app I’m fully convinced. I’ve had enough of CR for once and for all. Oh yes, I have build great reports with CR but it was a … Continue reading 

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A back button for pages

For my app I needed a back button. Internet explorer and other browsers have back buttons, most mice have them as well but I needed my own small link to drop on my forms. Implementing it was no big deal, … Continue reading 

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The C# ?: operator

Often I work for people with a Delphi background to introduce them to C#. No problem until we reach the conditional operator ?: The definition in the docs is cond-expr ? expr1 : expr2  but the examples are not that … Continue reading 

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SQL Reporting Services: Visibility is a confusing property

A SQL reporting services report definition has loads and loads of properties. One of these is the visibility of a table (the core of a report) or subreport. Also here you can use a vbscript expression to set the property. … Continue reading 

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The fix for the Tablet PC’s memory leak is (finally) there

Microsoft has finally released the fix for the memory leak in the tablet PC. It’s diguished as Windowx XP hotfix KB895953. Took a while. At the time (5 months ago !) I wandered how serious the bug really was for … Continue reading 

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Calculated fields in SQL reporting services

New York, Madrid, London…. SQL reporting services. All respect for the British flegma with which they respond to terror. They just go on with what they were doing. Having said that (what more can you say..?) I would like to … Continue reading 

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An idea waiting for a commit

As a yearly recurring event around TechEd Europe Juval Löwy did a presenation for dotned, the Dutch user group. It was a fascinating talk, for two hours we have been bombarded with some very fascinating idea’s.   Juval’s main message … Continue reading 

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Any Tablet PC sessions at the PDC ?

The PDC 2005 frenzy is heating up, on Codebetter you’ll find poetic as well as total geeky starters. The content of the PDC is also starting to materialize. I skimmed all session and tracks for “Tablet PC” but did not … Continue reading 

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