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COM, COM events, .NET and some Delphi

At first sight creating COM clients and servers with .NET looks like a snap. As I recently found out implementing full COM event support has some quirks. Each of the major .NET languages has its own. When it comes to … Continue reading 

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The C# event keyword is an access modifier for delegate members

Recently I had trouble getting COM events to work in a COM automation server written in C#. A visitor’s comment taught me that I was one keyword away from my goal. The event keyword. The MSDN documentation on that is … Continue reading 

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Lego, Components, Denmark and Computer Languages

This holiday my family re-visited the original LegoLand amusement park, next door to the Lego factories in Billund Denmark. It was just great. My kids, as well as their mum and dad, were Lego aficionados already and this visit further … Continue reading 

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Closed for "summer"

Me and my family are off for our summer holiday. Alas the weather is not looking to good. My Vista tablet is coming with me. Installed the WinFX SDK and can toy around in solitary confinement, there’s no internet there. It’s … Continue reading 

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The PDC, too hot to handle

Don’t take this to serious, these are just some nice remembrances of the PDC 2003. Let me be the devils advocate for one moment. Why would you go to the PDC ? Last time it was hard to get to … Continue reading 

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Vista is a big push for the Tablet PC. But it’s not a full tablet yet…

My first install of Vista was on a Virtual PC. Nice but my main problem was that it’s sluggish and unresponsive. Even if it has a 2.Ghz Hyperthreaded CPU and a full gigabyte of RAM at its disposal. The cause … Continue reading 

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Past, present and future (my favorite PDC sessions)

Last PDC, the 2003 edition, was one big flood of new things. It was the first time Longhorn (now named Vista) and Whidbey (now named Visual Studio 2005) were presented to the developer community. The coming, 2005 edition, will be … Continue reading 

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Handles, AddHandler and RemoveHandler in VB.NET

After a crash course comes sinking in. This post is a rewrite of yesterdays one on events in VB.NET. I will concentrate on VB.NET include Daniel and Chi’s comment and after that I will return to my beloved C#. There … Continue reading 

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Viewstate Size Really Matters

VS 2003, VS 2005, the datagrid and controlstate The DataGrid with Visual Studio 2003 is a very nice control, however, when it comes to the viewstate and “pushing your app through the wire” it does have some serious drawbacks. Visual … Continue reading 

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Handles versus Addhandler , a crash course in VB.NET event support (Error 459 revisited)

In my previous post on the handling of COM events I described how I was driven into the arms of VB.NET. A VB.NET class published to COM sinks events as desired, a C# class pops up a mysterious error 459. … Continue reading 

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