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MSDN now offers Vista beta2, build 5219

I keep correcting myself. MSDN now has the PDC build of Vista, no longer the previous beta1 is still there as well.

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Disable an LinkButton (or HyperLink) without graying it out

I have a web form with a couple of linkbuttons. The linkbuttons serve as tab selectors, clicking one will activate an associated panel. When a panel is selected I don’t want the user to select it again, clicking the linkbutton … Continue reading 

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ISO weeknumbers of a date, a C# implementation

The DateTime class in the .NET framework is very rich in methods for manipulating and computing dates. In my former language Delphi working with dates was no fun. All had to be done by manipulating strings but given the fact … Continue reading 

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The availability of Vista beta’s

In yesterday’s post I raised the impression that I downloaded Vista beta 2 and its product key from MSDN. I have to correct that, my beta 2 was obtained on the Vista beta site (no link, it’s not public :(). … Continue reading 

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Installing Vista build 5219 (on a tablet PC)

Recently I installed Vista beta 1 on my tablet. Not in Virtual PC but as dual boot. You need a dedicated partition for that, but it is the only way Vista can reach your machine’s hardware functionality like DX or … Continue reading 

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Programming WCF : Next, next, next, finish ?

Last Friday, september 16th,  we had a meeting of the SDN user group. As always an enlightening experience. The theme was integration Now the SDN is a user group of coders, but with the new tools there is not that … Continue reading 

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Missed the PDC linq ? Don’t read blogs.. watch this

No I didn’t visit the PDC and yes, just like Ben am drowning in the Linq is here blogposts. Instead of reading all that I would recommend this Channel 9 video. In 30 minutes time Anders himself talks from his office … Continue reading 

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A touching gesture

I missed my chance to come to the PDC and hear this first hand, but blogs can fill the gap. Microsoft has announced it will license the current Tablet OS, Windows XP 2005 Tablet PC edition, to touch screen PC … Continue reading 

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Scripting errors on an aspx page, validatorcontrols and causesvalidation (‘undefined’ is null or not an object)

The ASP.NET toolbox has some nice validator controls like RequiredFieldValidator and RangeValidator. These perform a first validation of client input in the browser. On postback the validation is repeated on the server. The client side validation is not supported in … Continue reading 

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A way to get rid of infinite code cycles :

Can’t get out of that spiral of cyclic bugs ? Take a break and give you cycle-wheels a spin. It really helps. I already knew many IT people were cyclist. Take Microsoft’s Eric Gunnerson. His blog is supposed to be … Continue reading 

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