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Getting my head around HTTPheader and HTMLheader. But no favicon yet.

Thanks to the great feedback on my last post on Response.AppendHeader I’m beginning to see some light. I was indeed naive Response.AppendHeader appends a HTTP header to the response. A HTTP header indicates things like downloadable files. I was trying … Continue reading 

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Response.AppendHeader, Webforms and favicons

Perhaps I’m too naive on this but I’m stuck. Having turned the web upside down twice I’m still completely puzzled. In the header of an aspx page’s response is some meta-information to help the browser. One of the headers can … Continue reading 

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Installing VS 2003 and VS 2005 on the same machine

Like everybody else I downloaded and installed my copy of VS 2005. Downloading took some patience but installation was a snap. Once again the Daemon tools virtual DVD drive worked flawless. Didn’t burn the image to disk, I even didn’t … Continue reading 

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Real world database maintenance with Red-Gate SQL compare

At this moment I’m working on an application which is based on an existing SQL server database. This database is precious as it holds a big amount of proven data as well as a large amount of proven business logic … Continue reading 

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3 years of DotNed, C# 3.0, innovation and retirement

Yesterday Dutch user group DotNed held a meeting to celebrate it’s 3d year. The main presentation was by Dennis Vroegop. <Update Dennis is not Dennis. Sorry, sorry, sorry> He had visited the PDC, blogged about it and gave a presentation … Continue reading 

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Protecting an ASP.NET page against malicious input with ValidateRequest (A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected)

By default ASP.NET jumps through some hoops to protect your applications against malicious user input. It does this by scanning the data post back on tags which might contain unintended markup or even script. Take a page where the … Continue reading 

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Building an Excel sheet in C# the easy way

My application had to produce a worksheet for Excel. At first I took Visual Studio Tools for Office (aka Visto). Very very nice but it gave me a hard time in registration problems with the Office COM servers used. Fearing … Continue reading 

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(Mis-) understanding dataviews and databinding

I was given a nice little Pocket PC application which worked well but took far too long to start. My first code walk through was a WTF. It was the common scenario, a well known major consulting firm producing code … Continue reading 

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MSDN activities in the Netherlands

In the North we were the first to have the MSDN/TechNet briefings. A couple of times a year MS organizes this to present their latest news. New was the amount of fun in the presentations. Usually you are bombarded with … Continue reading 

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Is this code available in VB ?

This is a question I often get. I’m a C# guy but that is just a matter of personal preference. It’s the framework not the language. Recently I thought I needed VB.NET to get COM event support working in .NET … Continue reading 

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