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ASP.NET validators messing up the layout of your web form

The validator controls on ASP.NET are a quite handy way to validate user input. They perform a check twice. In the browser some snippets of script block a postback to the server as long as the user input does not … Continue reading 

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A one developer shop, trends, hypes and common sense: WhoAmI, WhereAmI and WhyAmI

WhoAmI: I’m Peter van Ooijen, a Codebetter blogger who is writing his 400th blogpost. Statistics lie, especially in blogs, but I want to grab this occasions for some reflections. Almost 20 years ago I started working for myself as a … Continue reading 

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Digital photography ? It’s still the glass which makes the camera

Everything is going digital over the last couple of years. Which revolutionizes the way we work with information. But digital is not a substitute for everything. Take digital photography. The number of mega-pixels of the camera (in your phone) is … Continue reading 

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Using SQL reporting services in an application with some notes on report parameters

In the Crystal days adding reports to an application could give you quite a hard time. Having  dropped crystal in favor of sql reporting services (so far) just annoying little stuff keeps me busy. In this post I'll demonstrate … Continue reading 

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Launch event in the Netherlands

1350 people attended the Dutch launch party. One of the best things was the location The old Van Nelle factory was designed in 1923 but still looks quite modern these days. The most remarkable thing are its glass walls. This … Continue reading 

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Connection pooling ? Just trust the framework, don’t be a wise ass

Connection pooling ? Just trust the framework, don’t be a wise ass Just before the weekend I thought I was having a serious problem with the connections my app had with the sql server. To get some metrics I grabbed … Continue reading 

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A page baseclass in VS 2005 to manipulate the HTML header

A web page in in VS 2005 is assembled from several source files. Two of them are visible in VS: the markup and the partial class containing custom event handlers and other code you have written. At first sight the … Continue reading 

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