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C sharp and D flat. (VS) 2005 and (Delphi) 2006

The .net framework and the C# language are very much indebted to Delphi. Both bear the mark of their common maker Anders Hejlsberg. I have a long history with Delphi. In the first days of the PC Turbo Pascal was … Continue reading 

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Nintendo meditation (my first PDA)

This holiday a lot of kids will get their first information processing device. After that their life will never be the same again. My son Cas, wishing you a merry Christmas. (Having portrayed my eldest Niek selling MSDN leftovers and … Continue reading 

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Contract first development (Christian Weyer spoke for the SDN)

Last Friday, December 9th, the Dutch user group SDN had a meeting. A lot of people turned up, demonstrating that blogs and other internet stuff are still not (and never will be) all there is. There is no substitute for … Continue reading 

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Charles Petzold, WPF and the Tablet PC

Charles Petzold’s book Programming Windows is a classical masterpiece. Through his work a whole generation learned how to write programs for that new strange graphical operating system called Windows. As that grew in size over the years the new editions … Continue reading 

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