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Setting up a simple internet server (pt1)

My company (which is just me) has a web site which really needs a big refresh. At the moment it is a static bunch of html on a Unix box. I want a lot more and taking a look at … Continue reading 

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Horizontal vs vertical blogging

In application development the terms horizontal and vertical development are sometimes used to distinguish two approaches. Vertical applications target a specific group of users; like health care or insurances in which they support the entire cycle of information management. Horizontal … Continue reading 

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The scope of the web.config file, with some notes on authentication and authorization

In my last post I described a way to set up a web service. One of the requirements of the service was that it could share some of it’s settings with a web site. In a first attempt I made … Continue reading 

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My first WSCF web service project. Contract first, code later.

Recently I was in the need of a web service. At first sight I only needed a back door on a website to retrieve some bulk data. VS (2003) tempts you to make the web service part of the web … Continue reading 

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Add a web service to an existing web project (?)

Here’s the problem : We have quite a website which works with quite a database. The end user can only reach the web-server, the web server itself is the only one who can connect to the database. All works well … Continue reading 

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Virus checker in action (you talk to much)

Recently my PC got infected. Trying to prevent it happening again I installed McAfee, the anti-virus software provided by my provider Xs4all. I had bad experiences with AV-software in the past. To name a few Norton AV blocking Office automation … Continue reading 

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SmartNavigation has Internet Explorer displaying the wrong html source

SmartNavigation is a feature which can cause quite a lot of trouble. It is a property of an webpage intended to improve the “user experience” over postbacks by Maintaining the scroll position in the browser Maintaining the history over … Continue reading 

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Connecting to a remote SQL express instance

Connecting from VS 2005 to a SQL express instance on another machine took me some puzzling. The sqlexpress weblog has a recipe how to get that done.  Which did not work as written down (most likely because it’s addressing previous … Continue reading 

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Adventures with MS-anti spyware. (Please schedule by default.)

The new year had a troublesome start. Something which I believed could not happen has happened. I’ve been hacked. Over the last days my machine was displaying some very worrying signals. It kept me waiting for far too long, the … Continue reading 

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