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How I found RAD

In a pleasantly provoking post Jeffrey warns us against the dangers of RAD. What RAD stands for in his eyes is not to clear. Jeff’s post makes clear it is a sliding definition. I cannot state things better than Jeff’s … Continue reading 

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Setting up a simple internet server (pt2) : it’s all about AD

I’m in the middle of setting up a web server for my site. In a previous post I had blogged on getting the machine up and running. In this post I will take a closer look at Active Directory which … Continue reading 

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Vista under pressure

Vista is addicting. But is very disk-hungry as well. I managed to swamp my first disk. Remarkable is how well Vista keeps behaving with less than 3Mb of free disk space. It turns sluggish and generates frightening warnings : But … Continue reading 

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DotNed user group meeting

Hey Dutchies: coming Thursday, February 23, the user group DotNed will meet. Hosted by Macaw with a presentation on Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0. Last time I went it was great, I’m hoping for something likewise. It’s free. Signup here. See … Continue reading 

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Vista: it’s all about a nice UI

Perhaps somebody will recognize this posts subtitle as the title of Julien Ceyssial’s blog. He used to be one of the first generation of dnj bloggers but hasn’t posted for very very long. But his subtitle is still in my … Continue reading 

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Things you cannot do with (Virtual PC for) the Mac (?)

Mac users can be pretty religious about their OS. Which is nice but in the end you cannot do everything with a Mac. When you’re a student and are dependent on the websites and slideshows your teachers have in store … Continue reading 

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Splitting the Delphi heritage

This was found in a comment on Eric’s post on open source and IDE’s which refelected on Delphi for sale. There is an online petition asking Mark ShuttleWorth to buy Delphi and release it as free software. Nice. But……. In … Continue reading 

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Delphi for sale

Although I already said goodbye to Delphi, I  still follow what’s happening. The latest news is that Borland is going to split its activities. They are going to concentrate on ALM (application Lifecycle Management) tools. Their developer tools, or IDE … Continue reading 

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Installing Vista build 5270 on a (tiny) Tablet PC

Vista is coming. To us developers Vista is about new API’s, to users Vista is about a new UI. As a developer you have to take a good look at that as well; that’s how people will (want to) work … Continue reading 

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COM variant arrays and .NET

Many a COM server exchanges data with its clients using so called variant arrays. These can contain anything you can imagine. Creating a variant array from a COM client can be a hassle. The Delphi VCL framework has the VarArrayCreate … Continue reading 

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