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Download a file with a browser, the server side part

I have an application where the user can download a file by clicking a link. It could be a file of any type. Getting it work took more effort than expected. Let me use my blog as a public … Continue reading 

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Jeff kept the RAD candle burning. May I add some kerosene ? The radrace (most links on the site point nowhere) is a competition where teams of two developers compete against each other to build a working application within two … Continue reading 

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Copy source as HTML for VS2005 !

When writing an HTML document which contains source code, like blogposts, CopySourceAsHtml is a tool of great value. It just takes a couple of clicks to copy source from Visual Studio to your HTML editor. The project did have a … Continue reading 

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Multiple eventsinks on a (Delphi) automation object. How to turn a single cast delegate into a multicast delegate

When you have a COM automation server your code can invoke methods and properties on the automation object. With a connectable COM object code invocations can go both ways. The consumer invokes methods and the server fires events. To subscribe … Continue reading 

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A . in the first part of an email address

An email address does contain at least one dot; Take Some organizations, like mine, also use dots in the first parts; like Imho this makes sense, the dots separate the parts of my full name. But a lot … Continue reading 

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Timeout on a (sql) database: SqlConnection.ConnectionTimeOut and SqlCommand.CommandTimeOut.

When your app runs into a timeout on a database operation the error message may lead you in a wrong direction to fix things. Which happened to me so this is my little index to the docs. A sqlConnection has … Continue reading 

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Sunspots, cyborgs and ambient intelligence in Groningen

In the Dutch city of Groningen is the Mediacentrale: It’s a former power plant which has been transformed into a centre for multimedia and other IT business. March 16th, it was stage for Amigro, a 1 day conference on ambient intelligence.(Google … Continue reading 

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Dutch Devdays, what was it like ?

Last week, March 7th and 8th, we had the annual Dutch Microsoft Developer days. A very impressive start was the beamer used for the keynote. An immersing stage wide display containing windowed input of several PC’s and/or video camera’s. Must … Continue reading 

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Salvaging the contents of a (Dell) XP home disk

Friends of mine fried their Dell family box. The fan outlet had been blocked to long so the poor thing died. They carted in a new one; the new models seem to anticipate on overheating, as they have a very … Continue reading 

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