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Of mice and old men

Working all day with screen, keyboard and mouse is quite a stress to some parts of your body. Over the years, getting old, you have to pay the toll. Sore wrists and tired eyes can become side-effects of your hard … Continue reading 

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RADical ASP.NET in VS 2005 without messing it up right from the start

The term RAD is more or less a hot topic on Codebetter. It started with a “RAD kills” post by Jeffrey which lead many people to chime in. As I almost glorified RAD it’s time to write something more elaborate … Continue reading 

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That’s security

This popped up when signing on Good ! Just wish the previous versions of MS-anti-spyware had already checked for this. (Scan scheduled 2 at night. As I do have a life I am asleep. And so is my machine. Missed scan)

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Including classic htm pages in an site (Look mom, no frames)

At the moment I’m migrating my website. The old version is a bunch of static htm pages scribbled with FrontPage, the new version is an 2.0 site. As the old site is well read I don’t want to break … Continue reading 

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Developers vs. (?) ITpro’s. SMTP and a website

In a recent post I described how easy it was to turn your website into a spamming tool provided you know how to change some IIS settings. In a comment Dennis wrote “Some things are so simple, you’d expect everyone … Continue reading 

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A new version of the Red-Gate SQL tools

Red Gate has a lovely suite of tools to work with SQL databases. Their bundle has a SQL compare tools to compare the structure of a database as well as the content. The tools not only show the differences but … Continue reading 

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Using localhost as mailserver (5.7.1 Unable to relay for xxx)

With .NET 2.0 writing code which uses the IIS webserver to send mail has become even more powerful. The System.Net.Mail namespace has some rich classes. private static void SendMailWithIIS(string subject, string body, string to) {     MailMessage message = new … Continue reading 

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Project WSYP : how MS handles error feedback

This really good video on how Microsoft handles user feedback on XP failures (the “Send / don’t send error” dialog) was recently on a  Dutch Technet/MSDN briefing. And now SDN‘s top MS-basher Dick van Kooten has found a link. Thanks !! Enjoy. … Continue reading 

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