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Contact me over here

I’m in the process of handling all my own email. Today I switched and just wish I had known in advance of all the hurdles. Going to be great blog fodder when it’s all ironed out. In case you can’t … Continue reading 

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I inherited a database which contains sprocs (and a lot of other BL)

Last week another rant on stored procs in databases passed by. A lot on it has been said over and over again but still I would like to add my 2 eurocents. Recently I inherited a database which contained a … Continue reading 

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Daddy, the TV doesn’t boot !

That’s what my, 7 year old and gadget freak, son Cas shouted to me last weekend. It would have made sense in case we had a media center, but  the failing device was an old featureless 30-channel creature; to switch … Continue reading 

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A better refresh button for pages

Yesterday I wrote a little post on a refresh button for pages. It worked but had jump through some hoops. To simulate a refresh it posted back to the original page which in turn redirected itself to itself. Which … Continue reading 

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A refresh button for pages

Your browser has a back, forward and refresh button. Some time ago I wrote a little post on a back button to include on your own pages. According to the feedback you liked that one. Here I would like … Continue reading 

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It’s the man, not the methodology

Lately there has been quite a lot of discussion on “Agile” versus “Waterfall”  methodology. Taking some steps back I want to add my 2 eurocents. What is methodology? To quote Wikipedia :Methodology is defined as (1) “a body of methods, … Continue reading 

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