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ASP.NET 1.1 working with an ASP.NET 2.0 web.config file

In a recent post I described the trouble an 1.1 application has with a web.config file targeted at 2.0. The main problem is that the 1.1. runtime does not understand parts of the 2.0 web.config and crashes. … Continue reading 

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Web.config combinations going bad Incompatible entries and incompatible framework versions

When an application is started it processes the web.config file. Doing so it is combined with with all web.config files found up in the tree of virtual directories. Suppose you have a website located at and some supporting … Continue reading 

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A long running SQL batch in with feedback

Another story from the app with the sprocs. That was a classical 2-tier CS application which we transformed into an 1.1 app. Once a year the application has to copy and transform huge amounts of data. This is done … Continue reading 

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Bill gave me wings

In a nice post on the announced retirement of Bill Gates John was asking how Bill Gates had impacted our lives. During my studies I had the opportunity to work with real computers and got totally addicted. When I finished … Continue reading 

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Timeout of an ASP.NET page

In some cases it can take quite some time for the web server to complete your webpage. Setting a time out is not that difficult but Googling around you will either find over complicated scenarios or a very simple and … Continue reading 

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.NET 3.0, formerly known as…

Almost everybody wanted to say something on the .NET 3 moniker. From FUD like the return of DLL-hell. To the notion that whatever poetic or dull name a piece of software had to live under, it’s all just another target … Continue reading 

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Passing the screwdriver to the next generation (Fiddling with a computer housing)

Today was a special day. It would have been my dad’s 77th birthday. He didn’t even live to celebrate his 70th. As a technical engineer, specialized in thin layers, he worked for Philips. His first main project concerned the inner coating … Continue reading 

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Visual accessibility of web pages: no real progress yet

Working  a lot with a computer has a couple of health risks, which get bigger and bigger over the years. There are several ways to fight this: Just get away from your screen and do something else. Switch pointing devices … Continue reading 

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Setting up a simple internet server (pt3) Accept incoming traffic (Sometimes default is not secure enough)

In two previous post I described my first steps in setting up my own internet server. Part 1 described choosing the hardware and orchestrating all network traffic bound for the internet. Part 2 described setting up Active Directory as a … Continue reading 

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