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Visual Studio 2005 and Firebird

Firebird is an open source database which is pretty popular. Own of the downsides of open source stuff is imho the fragmented support. Firebird is a good example of this. You can use it in Visual Studio 2005, but all … Continue reading 

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Fixing a broken installation. (The Web server

This is my third post with this title. What started as quick command line fix has grown into something huge, including top numbers of hits and comments here on Codebetter. So it’s worth continuing. An 1.1 installation on IIS … Continue reading 

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Connecting to the local network from the Smart Device emulator

Mobile apps make great consumers for a webservice. But debugging such a scenario can be hard to set up. I lost some hair in getting it to work right; but in the end it was simple. There are loads and … Continue reading 

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Working with .NET 3.0

Over the last days I’ve been working with the .NET 3.0 framework (or whatever you want to call it). Starting from the perspective of a real world application, not a bunch of cool solutions looking for a problem. The idea … Continue reading 

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