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Change a database connection string from code

The connection string to a database should never be hard coded in your application. There is (almost) always a difference between the development and production database server. Besides that IT management should have an easy way to change the configuration. … Continue reading 

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Add a custom icon to your (mobile) app

The devil is in the details. I found this very, very true when doing something as simple as adding a custom icon to a mobile app. This post describes to add a custom icon to a mobile app but the … Continue reading 

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A classic font

A comment by Eric on Raymonds font post was so hilarious, I just had to give it a try.  My choice is Symbol: (It takes a screen shot to see what that looks like) I just knew C# was a … Continue reading 

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Deploying Mobile apps the easy way using Inno Setup

Deploying a mobile application is not as simple as just clicking next, next, finish in a msi wizard. As a result a lot of articles have been written on it, searching the web you will find many. One of the … Continue reading 

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Mobile devices with a VGA display

In my previous post I talked a little on make your apps work on a 240*240 display size. On the other side of the spectrum are huge PDA’s with a VGA (640*480) display. CF 2 applications adapt to these screens … Continue reading 

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Screen real estate on mobile devices and the SIP

Over the last months I’ve been doing more and more mobile apps. The CF framework 2 really rocks and mobile apps which communicate with PC based app are a welcome extension of functionality. This post marks the start of a … Continue reading 

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