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Web services on the world wild web

No more lamenting woes, back to real code. This was the core of my SDN presentation. The web is an omnipresent infrastructure which your software can use to communicate. The way to communicate are XML webservices over HTTP. Any attempt … Continue reading 

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Small presentation woes

Presenting in public, be it on paper, blog or speak is fun. It forces you to formulate your ideas. If you can't explain something you don't really understand it. And it provides valuable feedback. Not everything said or written comes … Continue reading 

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Switching from the VS development server to IIS

By default a web project in VS is hosted by Cassini, the included web-server. Nevertheless I prefer IIS for my projects. For several reasons: Security. A site running in IIS is running under the account which is quite a … Continue reading 

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A (holiday) read into enterprise application architecture

Me and my family spent our holidays camping in France. A swimming pool for the kids, a glass of wine with a good read for me. With no internet or everyday programming hassles around it was a good occasion to … Continue reading 

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