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Pragmatic OOP in JavaScript Part 2 : To prototype or not to prototype

My recent post on object orientation in JavaScript has resulted in some quite interesting comments. Good fodder for a sequel. Prototype JavaScript is said to be a language with only objects and no classes. A JavaScript object is constructed using … Continue reading 

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Pragmatic OOP in JavaScript

JavaScript is the only language a web browser speaks; it is a given fact. It's not a matter of choice if you are going to work with it, whenever you build a browser app it is there. All script code … Continue reading 

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A small "Designed for Windows mobile" rant

As you perhaps know I have a weak spot for mobile development. For a project I recently dug through the "Designed for Windows Mobile" logo specifications. This logo is meant as a certification that the app will run on any … Continue reading 

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Tidbits (Javascript and OOP ?)

For the past few weeks I've been working fulltime on a big Javascript application. At first this did not look like any source for blog fodder at all. Having learned lots of new things I have changed my mind and … Continue reading 

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