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Worst goodies

The year is almost over. So is the project of tidying up my office. The best things found, which also takes up space in a quite uneconomic way, are all the personal souvenirs. Like the beautiful cardboard creations by my … Continue reading 

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Deployment of a VS2005 web application project

With VS 2005 sp1 a web application project (which puts all webpages in a single assembly) is again a standard project type. What you have to watch yourself is the support in a deployment project. Having created a "web setup" … Continue reading 

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The end of the game port

Sinterklaas, the original Santa Claus, still honors his country of origin. December 5th he visits the Netherlands to shower kids of all ages with presents. This year that included some in-house shuffling with the gaming PC and game controllers. As … Continue reading 

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AD GetDirectoryEntry on DirectorySearch result <> new DirectoryEntry (Security hits back)

In my last post I described some of my troubles working with Active directory entries from code. Here's another one which increased my baldness. I described using a Directory search object, creating a DirectoryEntry out of that and setting the … Continue reading 

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Getting information out of active directory: DirectorySearcher, Properties and DirectoryEntry

One of my apps needed to get some information out of ActiveDirectory. The 2.0 framework does contain some very nice classes to help. Getting these to work as intended took some trouble; so I'll recapitulate in public. The scenario: the … Continue reading 

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Sign of the times giveaway

Tidying up the office I found this goodie. For those who started with Windows and pen-drives: it is a 5.25" single sided floppy disk (with a capacity of 160 or 180 Kb) by the Massachusetts Mineral and Mining Minnesota Mining and … Continue reading 

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