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The page life-cycle is not just hard for developers

A recent post by Karl on the page_load event again mentioned how hard it is to fully understand the life cycle of an page. In a comment Fregas even mentions switching to PHP (or RoR) to get a better … Continue reading 

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Iso Images and Vista

More and more software is rolled out in the form of an ISO image. You can do two things with these: mount them in a virtual drive or burn them to (re-)writable disk. Both options were cumbersome and still are … Continue reading 

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The outlook calendar, iCalendar and RFC 2445

You can exchange Outlook appointments with other applications. One way is to export or import files in the iCalendar format. In the formats supported by Outlook you will also find the vCalendar format, iCalendar is basically a newer version of … Continue reading 

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Blog tag

Sander tagged my blog; now it's my turn. Five things you (probably) don't know about me and maybe don't want to know either. Over the years I already introduced my sons Niek (1996), Cas (1998) and Mees (2000). Their mum, … Continue reading 

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