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A blog is not a helpdesk

Please forgive me when this appears a little rude, but I just have to get this of my chest. I do answer every email question but recently I am bombarded with comments asking for help on some this or that. … Continue reading 

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Management on steroids in Vista

In my last post I wandered why the component service manager was so hard to find in Vista. This appears to be a feature. The component manager is a snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (mmc). This mmc.exe application can be … Continue reading 

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Locating the Component services manager in Vista

Com (plus) is not dead (yet). But the component services manager seems to have disappeared from the administrative tools in the Vista control panel. Nevertheless you can start the management console straight from windows\System32\comexp.msc. It took some searching to find … Continue reading 

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Resources in an site, MissingManifestResourceException and custom tool

In my last post I described a problem I had with localized resources in an site. Investigating another side of the matter I found out what really went wrong with my resources. Here's the real gotcha: When you add … Continue reading 

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Globalization of an ASP.NET site is easy. But has a catch..

Making an website multi-lingual is, at first sight, no big deal. But there is quite a gotcha in the tail. I will rush you through the easy part, try to explain the gotcha and hope somebody can help me … Continue reading 

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Vista for the tablet PC

This weekend I finally installed the final Vista on my tiny tablet. Which is an old notebook with (these days) unimpressive specs but just refuses to retire. Easy to carry, runs XP and VS 2005 quite well and so far … Continue reading 

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