500. And now this blog is out of control

Yesterday Jeffrey published his 500th post without even mentioning the milestone. Scott Sam was aware of his 150th New and Notable. And today this is my 500th post. Some short words looking back and ahead.

Over the posts and years a lot has happened. To me the most fascinating is that I'm no longer writing all content by myself. The long list of comments on some posts have turned into an autonomous form of community life. Recently I publicly asked for advice on how to manage that. Which led to good feedback and a plan : Hereby I'm giving up control over (part of) my blog. I've created a new post category: out of control and will use that to mark (old) posts. Which indicates that I will only do the primal moderation; that is delete comments which are abusive or (to far) off topic. But I am not going to go into all content myself. Anybody else who would like to say something on the subject is more than welcome. Be my guest.

Looking ahead there are more plans than time. The TDD virus has also hit me which already resulted in a public confession. (The newly converted are the worst..) At the moment I'm working with a team who's making their first steps using the VSTS test tools instead of the usual nUnit. There is fodder there, after all it's the methodology, not the tool. But first comes the man. On staying in physical shape by living better I want to do more with my (other) CycleBetter blog. IT and cycling do share interesting things like a Vista gadget helping me to plan a dry ride or a Windows mobile device helping me to find my way touring the hills of France.

Of course, there will be more of the usual tidbits I meet in the huge world .NET and whatever crosses it's path. But whatever what I've written or am going to write, the Codebetter community is a fantastic place to do that. I have learned so much over here and hope that me and all commenting co-writers can keep up for another 500.

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  • http://codebetter.com/blogs/peter.van.ooijen/ pvanooijen

    Keep on Jeffrey! You're going to hit 1000 first. I'm in a somewhat "belly-button staring" (Duth for to much self-reflection) mood at the moment…

    @Sam. My mistake. Sorry I just keep mixing up the pair of the two of you :)

  • http://www.codebetter.com/blogs/raymond.lewallen rlewallen

    Keep up the great work Peter!

  • http://codebetter.com/blogs/sam.gentile SamGentile

    I think you meant Sam instead of Scott?

    Peter, Jeffery, it’s not my 150th post, I have over 5,000. It’s my 150th in an explicit series.

  • http://www.jeffreypalermo.com jpalermo

    Thanks for reminding me. I think I did a 100th post thing, but nothing since. I just blog. Maybe when it hits 1000. :)