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Sloppy SQL and database schema

This is another story from the app with the sprocs, an app where a lot of the business logic (BL) is inside a large number of stored procedures (sprocs). These are written by the domain expert himself. As the BL … Continue reading 

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ReSharper in the context menu

Last week Jean-Paul demonstrated how to get faster access to ReSharper with the Alt key. He did so by removing the competing inbuilt VS 2005 refactor menu. Also in the context menu ReSharper is masked by the VS refactoring. Here’s … Continue reading 

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A program manager should be an architect

What is an architect ? There are many definitions around, varying from “an elitist in an ivory tower throwing down incomprehensible documents” to “a developer more equal than others”. In a previous post I quite boldly stated that an architect … Continue reading 

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Parameterized searching in a List<T>

The generic List is a pretty powerful class. But finding one or more items is not that easy to grasp at first sight. The Find and the FindAll method take a so called Predicate as a parameter to test the … Continue reading 

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