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Back to basics, just reading some data from a DB

<update>A revised and extended version of this post also handles creating a customer domain object, which does have some behavior. It does also covers some methods to make the behavior of the datareader a little cleaner. The post can be found here</update> Are you already drowning in … Continue reading 

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Never, ever leave a disc in your server’s CD-drive

This may sound hilarious but gave me quite a start. My (Windows) server has automatic updates switched on. Once in a while it reboots, never a problem. Until last night. In the drive was still a (bootable) disk. After reboot … Continue reading 

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Implement a “standard” document ? Be strict when you write but forgiving when you read

A notorius document standard is iCal which describes a (text based) standard to exchange scheduling appointments. Every piece of scheduling software and loads of home grown applications support the iCal format. What an iCal document is supposed to look like … Continue reading 

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