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nHibernate many-to-many collections. (OR mapping is not one table one class)

Mapping collections in nHibernate is at first sight quite confusing. There are loads and loads of possibilities. The official documentation is somewhat academic. This is good because, once you have got it, it is a clear reference. But it is … Continue reading 

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Getting started with subversion

Good tools are half the job. Being a one person shop I believed VSS was good enough for my source control needs. Almost everybody says Subversion is a far better alternative. The main advantage mentioned is (beside stability and all … Continue reading 

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Nhibernate and medium trust

Being sick of all the hassles it took to keep my own server up and running I’ve moved it to a public hoster. Which does offer hosting but like many others code is only given medium trust. My site … Continue reading 

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Domain-Driven Design: Reading toward deeper insight

On almost every family holiday I take a good book. Not being distracted by the continuous flow of the Internet and with enough time to let stuff sink in, holiday time makes a good time to see things in perspective … Continue reading 

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