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VisualSVN and TortoiseSVN

Almost holiday time, time to tidy up all work. Recently I moved to Tortoise SVN for all my source control needs. Getting that to work was not that difficult, but to keep it up and running for my set of … Continue reading 

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SQl server reporting services versions, Visual Studio versions and versions. Gotcha.

Reports are not my favorite part of an application. But to may an end user the reports are the most valuable parts of the system. They are a well presented and clear overview of hours, even days, of work behind … Continue reading 

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What really went wrong ? Check the inner exception

In his recent overview on Exceptions Karl briefly mentioned the inner exception. By passing an exception to the constructor of the new exception, the exception passed in becomes the new exception’s InnerException property. private void workWithFile() { try { // … Continue reading 

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The end of the era of magic (I want coaches, not wizards)

Five years and one day ago I wrote my first blogpost. Blogging has done more to and for me than I could ever imagine so this celebration is worth a little rant on a subject which has changed most over … Continue reading 

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