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Silverlight, FireFox and 100%

In my last post I mentioned something nice about FireFox. In this post I’ll talk something not that nice about FireFox and the way we, more or less, worked around it. A lot of people complain about Silverlight not working … Continue reading 

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Ajax and forms authentication

Forms authentication is nice way to protect your web pages from unauthorized views. The good thing is that it shields all request for pages in your site and will redirect the request to a login page. You can set … Continue reading 

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WPF = Code + Markup (Custom pushpins for DeepEarth)

Windows Presentation Foundation has been around for a relative short while. Silverlight brings WPF to the browser, with that the amount of writings on WPF is growing fast. At the moment I’m working on a project which uses Deep Earth, … Continue reading 

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