ScottGu, DotNed, loads of new stuff and intellisense

Last Friday Scott Guthrie started his promo tour for VS 2010 and .NET 4.00 in the Netherlands. Dutch user group DotNed had to honor to host his performance.


20090926 021

For us it was Friday late afternoon. For him it was somewhere early in the morning (watch the clock on his laptop). Nevertheless he did two really long talks, over two hours each. Such an energy. One on VS 2010 and one completely dedicated to MVC.

I’m not going into the content, it will all be on the ScottGu blog. Needless to say the talks were entertaining, good and promising. Nice to see R# (code navigation and refactoring) and the (EF) influence shining through.

There is one little snippet which was really amazing. It’s about Javascript Intelisense. We made it really hard on the fly

20090926 027

It requires some explanation. In the for loop five dynamic variables are introduced, MyVar0 tot MyVar4. In the same loop five message-boxes will pop in the users face and five exceptions are thrown. Nevertheless the intellisense sees all these five variables on the fly. Without any disturbance. Well, that is really amazing.

If you get the chance to go to his talk in the coming weeks or months: do go. I am updated and really enjoyed it.

20090926 009

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