Subversion and Monodevelop

The nice thing about Monodevelop is that it has built in support for subversion. The bad thing is that getting that really to work is a real PITA. There is no documentation at all how to set up a Subversion repository and having MonoDevelop (for Mac)communicate without completely crashing over and over again. This is my public cheatsheet.

The scenario: I have Windows based network centered around a Server 2008. This server has redundant storage and is backed up on a regular scale. For building iPhone apps I have my Macbook. Anything could happen to that, like getting nicked. To preserve my work my Windows server runs VisualSVN server. Nice and easy tool, it takes two clicks and typing a name to set up a new repository. My work is safe, I have a good history and can share it with (potential) co-workers.

The hard part is linking this repository to a MonoDevelop project. There is no guidance and any error in the url or credentials will crash the complete IDE. The error log on that is not really helpful.

This does work:

  • Create the repository in VisualSVN server
  • Visit the repository in your browser (don’t forget to go to trunk)
  • Check your browser includes the closing slash (/)
  • Copy the Url
  • Paste the Url in the Version control | Publish dialog
  • Enter your credentials, also the user name is case sensitive
  • Click OK and pray

Subversion in MonoDevelop

The only positive feedback is MonoDevelop not crashing.

Note how also your password shows up in the url.  VisualSVN server has an option to use Windows credentials. Don’t do this, your well kept secret password will now show up everywhere. The SVN enterprise version has more options for credentials. Here I’m using separate simple SVN credentials.

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  • Thehawk88


  • Anonymous

    In MD for Mac it is installed by default. Don’t know about Ubuntu, you can’t build iPhone Apps there J

  • Paul

    Actually – as it seems to me – there is no built-in support for SVN in MonoDevelop. I was quite puzzled for most people writing about MonoDevelop and SVN seem to take it for granted, but my MD did not contain any menus for Versioncontrol. There actually is a plug-in for Versioncontrol with MD, but it seems not always to be installed by default. In Ubuntu for example you have to install ‘monodevelop-versioncontrol’ to use it. Just in case, anyone else is as puzzled as I was about the not-findable nemus.


  • Dave

    On way that has worked for me is:

    1) Download svnX
    2) Checkout out (or publish) your code using svnX
    3) Once it is under source control in SVN, MonoDevelop will pick that up due to the .svn directories
    4) You can now use that source tree within MonoDevelop

    One other thing to note…I use projectlocker for a free svn account online. My username is my email, and that may be messing up MonoDevelop’s SVN support. I’ve never successfully gotten it to work with that repo using the ‘Select Repository’ screen you show in your post.

    There are actually a couple of other really good svn clients out there for Mac, but the only one I’ve found that is free is svnX ( It isn’t as intuitive as TortoiseSVN, but it works.

  • Anonymous

    That was a problem in the original post. WordPress does not accept the png format. After an hour and converting it to jpeg it worked. A refresh of your page should do the trick.

  • Rob Ashton

    I’m getting a 404 on that image :-(

  • Dmitri

    Compare that to subversion support in XCode. Last time I checked, it only worked under some mysterious, impossible-to-achieve conditions.

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