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Almost 2013 and my blog still ain’t dead yet. The turning of the year I looks like a good moment for another ride on one of my favorite hobby-horses: looking into the future through the eyes of the past. In my youth pretending to be a cowboy turned into another Texan adventure: exploring space. The images in this post are from a 1959 Golden Press book on the future of space exploration. In 1963 a translation hit the Dutch market which appeared just in time to be swallowed by me.


These days there’s nothing futuristic about it, both technologically and social just antique.

It got even better when describing a ‘rocket freight liner’


Notice the (mail) bags on the left. The only thing missing is a “Wells Fargo Stage Coach” emblem.

I could go on and on. The lesson I learned once again is that foreseeing the future is not just hard, it’s next to impossible. It still is today. Who would seven years ago could have predicted the current state of (FI) JavaScript or Microsoft ? So next year we can just keep exploring and imagining. And most of all, stay critical on prediction.

And in case you make it into space, don’t forget your soda and sandwich:


Happy new year.

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  • http://www.irisclasson.com/ Iris Classon

    Happy New Year Peter :)