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Telerik, moving to Kendo

I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Spent all my time on our big app, working with the usual MVC, DDD, nHibernate and the like. Much to our content, so far we have managed to keep up with the ever changing landscape … Continue reading 

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.Net framework versions and dll hell

With .net version numbers increasing and increasing I recently encountered something which reminded me of dllhell. Which the .net framework promised to end. The nice part is that it already shows up at build time. Not at run time, leading … Continue reading 

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@model and beyond

In my previous post I had been fiddling with the html helper used in Razor views. Since then our custom html-extensions have been doing great things for our project. To mention some: Standardizing the look and feel. It is far … Continue reading 

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@Html and beyond

I like the way MVC builds the content of my web-apps. I write plain HTML, and the @Html helper object will build all Html controls needed for in and output of the dynamic data. The nice thing is that the … Continue reading 

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Almost 2013 and my blog still ain’t dead yet. The turning of the year I looks like a good moment for another ride on one of my favorite hobby-horses: looking into the future through the eyes of the past. In … Continue reading 

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