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The end of the era of magic (I want coaches, not wizards)

Five years and one day ago I wrote my first blogpost. Blogging has done more to and for me than I could ever imagine so this celebration is worth a little rant on a subject which has changed most over … Continue reading 

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(R) evolutionary changes

When developing software you are dealing with changes. Changes in what your creations have to do; changes in the way you create your software. The process of change sometimes seems to be a goal on itself. We are almost beaten … Continue reading 


Specialize ! In how, not in what

At the start of a new year, whose name is in many a new product, it’s a good moment for some small reflections before rushing on. My job over the years has been “with computers”. To most people in my … Continue reading 

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Never, ever leave a disc in your server’s CD-drive

This may sound hilarious but gave me quite a start. My (Windows) server has automatic updates switched on. Once in a while it reboots, never a problem. Until last night. In the drive was still a (bootable) disk. After reboot … Continue reading 


A program manager should be an architect

What is an architect ? There are many definitions around, varying from “an elitist in an ivory tower throwing down incomprehensible documents” to “a developer more equal than others”. In a previous post I quite boldly stated that an architect … Continue reading 


An architect should code. Period

This has been said over and over again, but as long as it keeps happening it just has to be said again. A very common career path in IT “promotes” a coder over the years to a program manager with … Continue reading 


What is wrong about DataDude ?

As a First answer: nothing at all. I've seen a number of demo's, seen people work with it, read about it and I like it. Quite a nice tool. My problem is that I cannot work with it myself. I … Continue reading 

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ICT should be just a tool, not a means on itself

Most of us are pretty passionate about technology. We have no problem in losing a night of sleep on a tool to build stuff for our customers. But in the end we are only creating tools which helps them to … Continue reading 


500. And now this blog is out of control

Yesterday Jeffrey published his 500th post without even mentioning the milestone. Scott Sam was aware of his 150th New and Notable. And today this is my 500th post. Some short words looking back and ahead. Over the posts and years a … Continue reading 

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A blog is not a helpdesk

Please forgive me when this appears a little rude, but I just have to get this of my chest. I do answer every email question but recently I am bombarded with comments asking for help on some this or that. … Continue reading