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(Yet another) nHibernate sessionmanager for ASP.NET (MVC)

Working with a nHibernate session in an web application is a subject to many a blog post, forum question or overflowing stack. Having already made a contibution before, I am nevertheless going to add another go at it combining … Continue reading 

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Domain driven reports: adding custom code

In my last post I described how to create reports based on a domain model. Which led to many an interesting reaction. In this post I will explore some of my further explorations based on those comments as well on … Continue reading 

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Reporting against a domain model

I have a love it /hate it relationship with reports. In many an application the reports are the main output. They are the prints which get filed or the invoices which have to ensure the ROI of the application. A … Continue reading 


DDD and repositories. Without nHibernate but with lazy loading

Domain driven design has become a very prominent way to develop software. A central domain model is used by all participants. To the end user it is a representation of the real  world. To the coder the model is a … Continue reading 

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Paging in a sql result set

This post is based on a post by fellow CB blogger Dave Hayden.  It deals with paging through a set of sql server data. Dave has a very clear and elegant solution but it did take some puzzling to find … Continue reading 


NET DateTime, SQL dateTime, SQL date, a small Cheatsheet

Recently I blogged a little on my wrestlings with dates in SQL server. Some commenters suggested using a custom type instead of the sql datetime . Stefan pointed to the nHibernate Ticks type as a good way to handle the … Continue reading 

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Valid date-time values in sql server. SqlDateTime vs DateTime

You cannot store every date in sql server. The valid range of dates is from 1/1/1753 (1-1-1753) to 12/31/9999 (31-12-9999). The range of the .NET DateTime type is far larger. So before storing a datetime in a sql server database … Continue reading 

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SQl server reporting services versions, Visual Studio versions and versions. Gotcha.

Reports are not my favorite part of an application. But to may an end user the reports are the most valuable parts of the system. They are a well presented and clear overview of hours, even days, of work behind … Continue reading 


nHibernate many-to-many collections. (OR mapping is not one table one class)

Mapping collections in nHibernate is at first sight quite confusing. There are loads and loads of possibilities. The official documentation is somewhat academic. This is good because, once you have got it, it is a clear reference. But it is … Continue reading 


Nhibernate and medium trust

Being sick of all the hassles it took to keep my own server up and running I’ve moved it to a public hoster. Which does offer hosting but like many others code is only given medium trust. My site … Continue reading