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Book review: Learning Monotouch by Michael Bluestein

Monotouch is a powerful tool to create native iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) apps written in C# backed by (a native version of) the .net framework. I have been using it for some time now to my great satisfaction. Learning Monotouch was a … Continue reading 

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Monotouch: your C# app on a real iPhone

Monotouch is a C# development platform for iOs, the OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It runs on top of the Apple SDK, which includes device emulators to run and debug apps. For some time I’ve been working with … Continue reading 

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Monotouch: drawing an image pixel by pixel

I have been exploring Monotouch, a C# development environment for the iPhone/iPad,  for some time now. And I really do like it. The learning curve is somewhat steep, but after getting familiar with the (rather strict, but not bad at … Continue reading 

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Catching the iPhone in the .net

Smartphones and all other kinds of mobile devices are everywhere, almost everybody has one. Not just for entertainment but also as a client for all kinds of enterprise software. Making choices when developing desktop software was easy, the main discussion … Continue reading 

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Vista RTM released. Back to Longhorn or on to mobile ?

Hereby I join the happy crowd running Vista RTM. So far nearly everything is running. Including Virtual PC 2007, I blogged about before. Here it is running the first public Longhorn alpha bits, as handed out on the PDC 2003. … Continue reading 

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A small "Designed for Windows mobile" rant

As you perhaps know I have a weak spot for mobile development. For a project I recently dug through the "Designed for Windows Mobile" logo specifications. This logo is meant as a certification that the app will run on any … Continue reading 

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Web services on the world wild web

No more lamenting woes, back to real code. This was the core of my SDN presentation. The web is an omnipresent infrastructure which your software can use to communicate. The way to communicate are XML webservices over HTTP. Any attempt … Continue reading 

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Switching from the VS development server to IIS

By default a web project in VS is hosted by Cassini, the included web-server. Nevertheless I prefer IIS for my projects. For several reasons: Security. A site running in IIS is running under the account which is quite a … Continue reading 

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Add a custom icon to your (mobile) app

The devil is in the details. I found this very, very true when doing something as simple as adding a custom icon to a mobile app. This post describes to add a custom icon to a mobile app but the … Continue reading 

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Deploying Mobile apps the easy way using Inno Setup

Deploying a mobile application is not as simple as just clicking next, next, finish in a msi wizard. As a result a lot of articles have been written on it, searching the web you will find many. One of the … Continue reading