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Catching up on your feeds during the holidays

I follow 163 feeds these days, and if I don’t go in and check them at least 4 or 5 times a day, it gets to be overwhelming trying to keep up with them. There are just too many good … Continue reading 

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How to Write Unmaintainable Code (Humorous Article)

A funny article on how to write unmaintainable code, which spells out job security, as long as you do your own code reviews 😉 Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur. Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound.

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SuperBowl Predictions 2004

Click here for the NEW 2005 Preseason Superbowl Prediction! Patriots over Philadelphia Final score 35 – 17 What’s your prediction? Yes, all of last years comments have been removed.  Nothing I could do about that, sorry.

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Constructors for Exception types won’t take an inner exception parameter

I haven’t looked at this in 2.0 yet, and hope somebody can answer this for me. One of the biggest frustrations I have with 1.0/1.1 is that the FCL exception types do not have constructors that allow you to give … Continue reading 

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Generics in VB.Net

Generics is a new feature of the .Net 2.0 Framework. I’ve seen many articles on C# using generics, but don’t recall seeing many on done for the VB.Net developer. I haven’t looked in awhile, so there may be quite a … Continue reading 

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Pains of changing rss feed readers

I’ve been using the same rss reader for quite awhile now called RssReader. I’ve enjoyed using this reader, but now I would like to change to a new reader. I’ve looked at SharpReader and OMEA Reader. I’ve downloaded and installed … Continue reading 

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Don’t forget the T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2005 chat today

Today, December 16th from 2:30 – 3:30 PM PST. In this chat, we shall be discussing the enhancements in T-SQL implementation of SQL Server 2005, like Exception Handling, Pivoting, XML specific and more. You can find more information by clicking … Continue reading 

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A Simple Walkthrough for deploying a SQLCLR Stored Procedure

Brad over on the VS Data Team has posted a walkthrough for deploying a SQLCLR stored procedure. Honestly, using .Net to create stored procedures to me is just a bad idea, in my opinion. Now you have application developers creating … Continue reading 

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Pdfs Hate Modal Dialog Windows

Well, after wasting much time and developing a nice headache, there seems to be no solution for getting a pdf to open in a modal dialog. Now you would think something like this would work: myWindow.caller = window.showModalDialog(“/myReport.pdf”) but it … Continue reading 

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Coping with Burnout

Eric talks about burnout on this blog post, and I hope to see quite a few more comments about it. No doubt, burnout hits each and every developer at one point or another. Its tough to deal with. We all … Continue reading 

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