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British psychologist calculates most depressing day of the year

In this article entitled Monday, Jan. 24, called worst day of the year, a British psychologist came up with some odd way of calculating the most depressing day of the year using the following formula: [W + (D-d)] x TQ … Continue reading 

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Exception Handling in Sql Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 provides a new exception-handling mechanism in the form of TRY…CATCH. In current version of Sql Server you have to include GOTO statements, and check @@ERROR after every statement is executed to determine if an error had occurred … Continue reading 

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Random Password Generators and sourcecode

These are probably the simplest of random password generators you can come up with in C# or VB.Net. The T-Sql is a little bit fancier, with actually two different random strings being procuded from two choices of “character arrays”. Its … Continue reading 

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Data Design Team accomplishments in VS 2005 Beta 2

Steve Lasker, a program manager over at Microsoft, has posted a great listing of what the Data Design Team has accomplished from Beta 1 to Beta 2. His list is full of intersting items, including Bridging the gap between CLR … Continue reading 

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Oddly named and funny method names

Brad has a post on “Best” method names ever. There are some pretty good ones in there, and sure to be some more. Go to Brad Abram’s blog and post some of your favorites. If you want to know one … Continue reading 

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Satellite photos of the tsunami effect

Absolutely unreal. Here are 14 sets of before and after pictures taken by satellite of the aftermath of the tsunami (via my wife).

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The very first web page ever

According to Tim Berners-Lee, who is the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, a copy of the very first webpage ever can be found here. (via Google Blogoscoped.)

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I’ve started an online superbowl riot

Didn’t think it would really go this far, but my post of my Superbowl Predictions has gotten 128 comments in the last 8 days and is getting more by the hour. I figured a few of the dotnetjunkies readers would … Continue reading 

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.Net and Sql Server webcasts from Microsoft in January

For those of you who don’t go look, here is a list of .Net and Sql Server related webcasts from Microsoft coming this month: 1. TechNet Webcast: SQL Server 2005 Technical Overview (Level 200)    Wednesday, January 05, 2005 8:00 … Continue reading 

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SQL Server 2005 Technical Overview

Wednesday, January 5th, Technet webcast for the SQL Server 2005 Technical Overview Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is the next version of the SQL Server product family. This new edition offers a number of enhancements to meet the needs of today’s … Continue reading 

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