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Performance Monitoring – Garbage Collection

I see this topic quite a bit on newsgroups and in microsoft chats. People ask how and what to monitor to check out the performance of their application. First and foremost, I tell people to get CLRProfiler. The CLR Profiler … Continue reading 

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Billy Hollis in OKC April 4th

Billy Hollis will be at the Oklahoma City .Net Developer’s Group for our April 4th meeting.  For anybody in the area, please come by and hear him speak! Speaker and Topic: Billy Hollis / Windows Forms Custom Controls  Billy Hollis … Continue reading 

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Using sp_MSforeachtable

On the topic of commands I haven’t used much since the last migration from 7.0 to 2000, while using different methods to test moving data from 2000 to 2005, I come across having to deal with constraints and triggers.  Lets … Continue reading 

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My top 9 favorite bloggers

Could not decide on 10 so it became 9.  This list is only for individual blogs and not group blogs.  Also, any entries of any members or family members of those associated with CodeBetter are ineligible to participate in this … Continue reading 

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Update your compatibility level on your databases

It has been awhile since we’ve all upgraded from 7.0 to 2000 Sql Server.  Just a reminder, don’t forget to update your compatibility levels, if applicable, when moving your databases from 2000 (version 8.0) to 2005 (version 9.0) in order … Continue reading 

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Structured Query Language (SQL) Request

/* This is straight from the query window in Sql2k5, that is why these lines are commented out.  I’m using the pubs database as an example. */ USE Pubs /* Every row in Titles has at least one or more … Continue reading 

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Know the contents of the system tables in your database

If you are working in Sql Server, one of the most important things you can learn is the contents of the system tables within your database. Objects are stored in sysobjects. Stored procedures are stored in syscomments. Column names for … Continue reading 

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The book I just finished – XP Pocket Guide

I recently finished reading the Extreme Programming Pocket Guide.  I don’t think you will find a more precise, to the point, compact package of XP anywhere like you find in this little book.  It is only 80 pages and can … Continue reading 

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A new book I’m about to read – eXtreme .Net

Just got this new book in the mail today, eXtreme .NET : Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to .NET Developers.  I’m very excited to start reading this book, as it will be my fifth on the topic of XP, but my … Continue reading 

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A few takes on polymorphism

A couple of days ago I talked about polymorphism.  I can’t even begin to tell you what all discussions I’ve had since putting this up.  Let me start by saying this:  this post, as all my posts on OOP principles, … Continue reading 

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