My top 9 favorite bloggers

Could not decide on 10 so it became 9.  This list is
only for individual blogs and not group blogs.  Also, any entries
of any members or family members of those associated with CodeBetter
are ineligible to participate in this contest, or something like that.

Here is my list, in alphabetic order:

Brad Abrams
K. Scott Allen
Matt Berther
Martin Fowler
Scott Galloway
Scott Hanselman
Rico Mariani
Cyrus Najmabadi
Roy Osherove

These are guys I read every day and never click the “mark all as read”
on.  These 9 blogs make up 60% of my flagged posts that are
flagged to go back and read again later/this is good stuff/keep for
future reference.  I have over 200 blogs in my OPML, so that 60%
from 9 blogs carries some heavy weight.

So who are your favorite bloggers?

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7 Responses to My top 9 favorite bloggers

  1. rlewallen says:

    Brendan, I should have made Jeff the 10th on my list. I just completely overlooked him when I went through my OPML this morning, its such a long list to browse through! I could easily make a top 25 list of blogs I really enjoy (would include Jeff Atwood, John Elliot, Jeffrey Palermo, Mike Gunderloy to name a few). I didn’t want it to seem as though I was publishing my blogroll.

  2. Roy Osherove says:

    I’m totally flattered :)

  3. Matt Berther says:

    Wow… It is quite an honor to be mentioned in the same post with such luminaries.

    Thank you!

  4. btompkins says:

    Yep. Scott G, Roy O, K. Scott Allen, are definitely on my top list too.

    Buy my Favorite blogger is Jeff Atwood. Bar None his content always rocks…

  5. Cool…makes my skull-crushing headache not seem so bad :-) Thanks!

  6. rlewallen says:

    LOL Scott… “You had me at hello” (meaning your first blog post)

  7. Scott Allen says:

    To quote an old beer commercial: “I love you, man”.

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