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A few changes from Beta 1 to Beta 2 when writing code for SQLCLR

First of all, if you only downloaded the standard Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, you will have have available the “New Sql Project”.  You must download the VSTS in order to get the professional version where you will find sql projects in visual studio.

So I took some of my SQL Server projects from Beta 1 and moved them to Beta 2.  A few things you’ll want to be aware of, and looking in the April CTP of MSDN will not provide you the answers. 

The old System.Data.SqlServer namespace has been replaced by Microsoft.SqlServer.Server in Beta 2.  The server side provider has been merged with the client side, so you no longer reference sqlaccess.dll.

SqlContext.GetPipe has changed to just SqlContext.Pipe.  That one was easy enough to find.

This was a bit harder, as I kept looking and looking for it.  You can no longer do SqlContext.Connection/Command etc.  If you done some of this in Beta 1 you’ll remember using SqlContext.GetCommand which returned a command object within the current context.  That has alltogether been removed.  Now you obtain a connection by using SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(“Context Connection=true”); or Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(“Context Connection=true”) in VB.  By including the parameter Context Connection, this provides the same functionallity as SqlContext.GetCommand was providing.

Pablo Castro over at Microsoft wrote an article up on MSDN here for more information.

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